Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Liam: 4 Months


Oh sweet boy, you are three months old! Can you believe that you've been out in the world for a quarter of a year! You are getting so big and thriving so well.  You spent a lot of time with family this past month (thanks holidays!) and you survived it like a (almost always) smiling champ! 

Weight & Height:
You had your four month check up today, and clocked in at 26 in long and 14 lbs 1.5oz.  Growing steady, but I think you've held a similar weight between this month and last, but gained an inch.  You're still so slim and long.  You've gained a couple small rolls on your arms and legs-- but nothing to really notice.

You started eating 5oz this month per feeding.  At night you only get one 4 oz bottle.  You're still eating every three hours during the day, and I'm so glad you're taking in a little bit more food each day.  You're a growing boy, and we need to keep you gaining steady weight.  You still get one bottle a day that is a mix of breast milk and formula, but I think those days are coming to an end quickly.

Sleeping (naps):
Oh, the days of napping…. Toward the middle of this month you decided you don't like napping. I think it was around the onset of the early stages of leap 4.  You maybe take one long nap each day (usually in the afternoon/evening), and one or two shorter cat naps (20-40 minutes).  

Sleeping (at night): 
You're still sleeping well at night.  You're working on new skills and they tend to wake you up.  You go down ideally between 7 and 8pm each night, but quite a few nights this month you refused to go down, and ended up staying up with mommy and daddy until your final bottle at 10pm.  Once your'e down though, you tend to stay asleep until between 3 and 5 am and wake for your "over night" bottle.  You always quickly go back to sleep and have continued to be an efficient night time eater.  

You are so long my sweet boy.  We still have a few 3M pieces that still fit, but you are definitely wearing a majority of 3-6M/6M clothing.  Its been so fun to pull out the next set of clothing and start dressing you in new outfits. We packed away most of your 3M, but since we still have a few pieces that fit- I can't bring myself to pack the box away until your (hopefully) brother comes along in the future.  

Oh my little social butterfly… You continue to enjoy being around people.  You still don't care who is talking to you, or playing with you, as long as SOMEONE is doing so.  You love being held when we are out and you are awake so you can see all the sights and people.  You've started a new annoyance- you don't like being left alone or left in your seat when we are eating dinner.  You want to be sitting at the table with us- I can not wait until you are sitting up on your own and are able to sit in a high chair at the table with us (and not in mommy's lap).

Bath time. Bath time. Bath time.  You love to kick your legs and splash.
You love your play mat and sneaking in some TV watching while you're laying in the living room.  
You love waking up- it seems strange but you are the happiest, bubbly little boy first thing in the morning.  When I am able to come in a get you, you give me the biggest smiles and squeals of delight.

Same as usual-- being ignored, tummy time, going to sleep, the time when we are getting you redressed after bath time.

New This Month:
ROLLING OVER!  You ended month 4 by rolling over! We are so proud of you buggy! Not long now, and you'll be doing it all the time to get places.
Reaching- You're really starting to reach for your toes and pacifiers.
Mommy went back to work and daddy started staying home to take care of you.  

Mommy finally went back to work in the middle of this month, it was so hard to go back and leave you at home. But at the same time, it was easier than I imagined it would be… (Thanks to daddy.)  Because daddy is staying home with you for now, it has made the transition back to work a little easier.  I am still struggling to find balance in all things, and get back into the swing of things at work, but I'm getting there one day at a time. Coming home at the end of the day, and Friday afternoons have never seemed like a better thing than they do now.  I rush home to feed you your late afternoon bottle and cuddle you for your afternoon nap.  You always greet me with the biggest smile and desire to be hugged- it has really been a great treat each day.

We love you so much Gummy Bear.  We want to give you the world, and then more.  Keep growing and exploring.

Love indefinitely,

PS- I will be back to add pictures later.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Liam: 3 Months

A self measured height- no clue if it's right.


Oh sweet boy, you are three months old! Can you believe that you've been out in the world for a quarter of a year! You are getting so big and thriving so well.  You spent a lot of time with family this past month (thanks holidays!) and you survived it like a (almost always) smiling champ! 

Weight & Height:
There was no doctor's appointment this month, so I'm not sure how much you have grown in height, but you have put on a few good healthy LBs!  When mommy weighed you on the home scale you were weighing in at 14.2 pounds!  (Almost three solid pounds more than last month!) I'm happy you're putting on weight and that your little face seems to be rounding out nicely.  You've got a cute and TINY belly on you, but still continue to be long and lean.  You're still wearing size 1 diapers, although mommy ordered a box of size 2 in preparation to switch you, but you've held strong.
A thumb!
Although your doctor said you could have more to eat if you want it, you continue to be satisfied with 4 ounces at a feeding.  We have tried a couple times to up you to 5 ounces, but it always leads to spit up and clearly makes your tummy upset.  You eat every three hours (mommy's decision) and are always hungry by that time-- a few times you have gotten hungry at the 2 1/2 hour mark- so we feed you early.  You take one last bottle each night at 10pm, and then sleep (semi-peacefully) most nights until sometime between 2-4am when you wake for an additional bottle.  

You are still taking 6 formula bottles and 1 frozen BM bottle a day, and hate to be bothered during meal time.  You have the cutest way of clasping your hands under your bottle, or locking your hand around my finger while getting one finger into the lip of the bottle making it almost impossible to remove from your mouth to burp you.
Feed me Papa!

Sleeping (naps):
Naps this month have been sporadic and mostly taken while in the arms of mommy or daddy.  Thanks to the holiday craziness for all the extra cuddle sessions! Usually though you would take two long naps and two shorter naps during the day.  Most days you wake up to eat between 6/7am and then take a short nap until 730/8 when you decide you are ready for mommy to be up and entertain you.
Mmm... Blankie, toys... No thanks, I'll sleep!
Sleeping (at night): 
You are such a good little sleeper most nights.  This month has been a little rough, just because we were so far out of our routine and your comfort zone for the majority of the month.  You also caught your first cold and went through your third Leap, which made getting good amounts of sleep quite a challenge.  Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon, and will go back to your normal sleep schedule. You are still sleeping in your Rock 'n Sleeper- we are hoping to transition you to your crib for naps and sleep, hopefully in the next month.  You just have no interest in your crib yet, so we aren't fighting it.
Time to move me daddy....Zzzz
Oh my string bean! You are so long and thin.  You still fit into most of your 0-3M clothing, though some of it was getting a little tight in the length.  The biggest problem with 0-3M clothing is that the arms and legs aren't quite long enough.  You wore a few 3-6M outfits this month, but your 6M pants are just too baggy around your waist and look silly when you wear them.  You received some clothing for Christmas, half of which won't fit your for awhile yet-- Mommy and daddy appreciate the bigger sizes. Hopefully, you'll continue to fill out in that tiny belly of yours and your pants will actually fit correctly.
New toys! Mesmerized by the mini-mobile!
You are quite a social baby, and really enjoyed making faces and talking to anyone who would pay attention to you this month (which wasn't hard to come by with so much family around).  You did get overwhelmed quickly though if there were too many people around or too many people holding you in a short amount of time.  You really craved a quiet tight hold in mommy or daddy's arms and would calm down pretty quickly.  You didn't mind visiting with other people as long as you were with mommy and daddy.  You have also gotten into a demanding habit at dinner time of requiring that you sit at the table with everyone and be part of the conversation.  
First picture with Santa- you were not impressed and slept the whole time!
You're likes this month are still pretty similar.  You like spending time with mommy and daddy as long as you can see us- which means making sure you are able to sit up and and that we are looking at you.  You still like your pacifier and really enjoy your Froggy WubbaNub.  I think it's your favorite because you have learned to start grasping things- sort of.  You've also become very controlling with your pacifier and will spit it out when given to you, so that you can push it back in by yourself.  You also really like to hold onto it with your thumb.  You like chewing on your thumbs too.  Mommy and daddy bought you a new playmat this month and you LOVE it.  It's so much fun seeing you look at and try out your new toys.  You also really like getting your diaper/outfit changed.  I'm not sure why but you love having your clothes taken off and put back on.
Momma's best Xmas present!
Look Momma! I'm Santa's elf!!
Two words… Tummy Time.  You hate it- can't stand it… You are getting better at lifting your head up which makes you tolerate it for around a minute or two, but once your muscles get tired you are over it. You like to sit up though, and don't want your head held for you- so you're muscles are still getting a work out.  You also seemed to dislike and grow tired quickly of all the family and people picking you up and poking at your when you're normally content and relaxing.  
What is this football!? GO Niners!
New This Month:
You had your first Cookie Day at Gigi's, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.  It was a busy month for first holidays for you.  
On Christmas Eve, you spent your first night in a hotel (your first night away from home since we brought you home from the hospital).
You helped mommy open your first Christmas presents, though you weren't impressed. 
You finally met the last of daddy's side of the family (except for your Aunt C).
We celebrated daddy's graduation from college this month and you fully enjoyed daddy's graduation party.  
You've started to laugh- it's short, fleeting, and inconsistent at best but you've started to giggle some when your smile just gets to big.  You definitely got your Papa's smile, your eyes close to a squint when you are truly happy (like mommy and papa).
You found your thumb finally this month, and if there is no binky- there is at least one thumb in your mouth. You don't really suck on your thumb/fingers as much as you chew on them. You really like having both thumbs in your mouth at the same time.
You got your first cold (mommy shared with you and daddy), your poor little nose is so runny and you've got a little cough when you get emotional.  
Happy 2014!
I'm doing good.  We are doing good.  Although this month was full of a lot of stress- are the holidays ever not stressful?! I survived and am so happy to have you here experiencing them with us.  I caught a cold some time during the holidays and then shared it with you and daddy (Mommy fail).  Luckily it was just a little cold and no one needed to go to the doctors.  I am not looking forward to going back to work in the middle of next month, but so grateful that part of my maternity leave overlapped with holiday break- buying me two extra weeks at home with you. Overall things are good for me, I'm still adjusting to the lack of sleep and constant work to fulfill your needs- I just keep reminding myself "babies don't keep" and all to quickly this stage will be over-- so for now we enjoy our time together.  
Cuddles with Gigi > Decorating cookies
Runny nose + Drool = Stock in Kleenex
I HATE tummy time, mom!  (Can we talk about the drool for a second... Oi!)
Wait-- What? I get milk after...
Okay... I'll deal with it...
We love you so much Gummy Bear.  We want to give you the world, and then more.  Keep growing and exploring.

Love indefinitely,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3 years

Happy Anniversary my sweet husband.

Three years together and forever more to go.

The highlights:
-You ran the WDW (Half) Marathon and completed the Goofy challenge.
-You ran and completed the Disney Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland.
-We found out we were expecting on Superbowl Sunday 2013! Go 49ers!
-We became parents to the most perfect little boy.
-We suffered through our fur-boy's hip surgery. 
-We went to Palm Springs for a babymoon.
-We went to an intimate Molly Ringwald concert.

I love you.
Tonight we celebrate with Sushi!
Looking forward to year four.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Liam: 2 Months

2 Months!

Happy two month old birthday baby boy!  I can hardly believe you are already two months old!  I don't think I'll ever realize how quickly time is going by... You have changed so much this past month and it has been amazing to watch your ever growing and inquisitive personality grow.  

Weight & Height:
You are growing like a weed, little bear! You have grown 3 1/2 inches and around 2 1/2 pounds!  Your doctor couldn't believe how 'long' you had gotten.  (It amuses mommy that only before you can stand on your own are you measured by your length, and then suddenly we switch you tall and height...)  Your height puts you in the 89th percentile!!! Your weight, however, puts you in the 23rd percentile.  You're so slender.  You were born rather thin for your height and have gained steadily on your curve so the doctor isn't concerned.  She did say though that if you ask for it we should gladly feed you more and whenever you are requesting it.  It's okay for you to put on some weight!
Thanksgiving with Papa
You have maintained a pretty steady eating pattern this month.  You get one bottle of frozen breast milk (3 oz) in the afternoon, and around 6 bottles of formula (4oz) each day.  You have created a nice-predictable- routine for mommy during the day.  You wake up between 530 and 630 to eat and see daddy before he goes to work and then from there on you eat around 930/10 and every three hours after that.  You take a bedtime bottle at around 7 and then get changed for bed.  We "wake you up" to feed you 1030 to dream feed you, and then you only wake for one feeding during the night.  

You are a very serious eater and do not want to be bothered or interrupted during bottle time.  This makes burping you a bit of a challenge as you like to start whining the moment the bottle is missing from your lips.  This is helpful at night as you are just as anxious to get back to sleep and are an efficient eater.  
Spending time with your Great Grandma
Sleeping (naps):
You love your naps.  You are in a routine during the day of eating, getting changed, then either playing with mom, watching the puppies, or playing on your Nemo Mat and then cuddling up with mommy for a nap until you're hungry again.  Sometime mommy is then able to move you to your chair for the rest of your nap- but for the most part you want to be curled up with me.  You did fall asleep a few times during tummy time, and mommy let you keep sleeping. 
We are going to work on changing this practice in the coming month and hopefully get you to taking your naps in your crib, since mommy will be going back to work in January.  
I hate tummy time! So,  I nap instead.
Sleeping (at night):
You are a champ at going to bed right now.  Although, we don't have a consistent bedtime routine down yet, you still seem to understand when its time for bed and are ready to go.  You usually get a bottle around 7pm, followed by a diaper change and a loose tuck into your Rock n' Sleep.  Usually, mommy has to come back in once to help you find your pacifier again and then you are out until your dream feed/change/swaddle.  Then you go straight back to sleep and don't wake up for your night feed until between 2 and 330 am.  Then a quick change and straight back to sleep until between 530 and 630.  I'm proud of how well you are sleeping at night already and only hope it continues.
See you at 10pm!
You are still rocking the 0-3M clothing, but outfits with the feet are definitely getting too short.  Your belly is so small, but you're so long that a lot of your pants are too short for you and flooding.  Not sure how we are going to transition you to 3-6M clothing (for the length) though because you will be swimming in them.  Oh well, hopefully you'll fill out a little bit more.
Thanksgiving with Daddy
You have become an extremely social baby in the past month.  You love sitting in mommy or daddy's lap and making faces with us.  You have definitely started to smile in response and are getting pretty close to laughing.  You don't usually mind who is holding you, as long as they are cuddly and you aren't hungry.  However, if you are hungry or gassy-- forget about it. You want no one else but mommy.  (Mommy doesn't mind.)  You love spending time with your grandma and grandpa and you really enjoy going to visit your GiGi and Papa and I know you want to see more of them.  
Family Photo! Tourist visit to Pier 39
Your likes this month are pretty simple- especially since you haven't really started grasping objects yet.  You enjoy being held (as long as it is belly to belly), and spending time curled up with mommy or daddy.  You like spending time on your Nemo mat and making it sing to you and get frustrated when you can't kick the right spot to make it sing.  You also really like your pacifier and don't want to sleep during the day without it, at night you can take it or leave it. You also really enjoy being in your car seat as long as it is moving (in the stroller or in the car).

Your biggest dislike... tummy time.  You can't stand it, and because your head is measuring in the 95th percentile (much bigger than your height or weight) you are not able to really lift it yet.  The doctor said it could take you longer just because your muscles have to grow even stronger and work harder than most of your peers.  I hope you learn to tolerate tummy time soon-- your angry cries are so hard to listen to.  You also dislike being held in a cradled "baby" position.  You either want to be chest to chest with the person holding you or looking outward at the world.  
Just love this photo of your ever moving arms.
You look so much older.  Where did my newborn go?

New This Month:
Your smile!  You love to smile and are so close to laughing- right now you do this gasping thing that reminds me of the way Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory laughs.  It's my favorite.  
You celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time and were a total champ being around so many people for two days in a row- though you were exhausted by Saturday. 
You got your first real set of vaccine shots on your two month birthday and hated each and every moment of it.  
You went with mommy, daddy, and Gigi to Pier 39 for the first time this month and had a really good time- though you weren't too sure about the noises of the Sea Lions.  
You reached out and grabbed Tilly by the muzzle for the first time when you were crying and she was trying to comfort you. 
You have started grabbing mommy's hair- leaving her hair now in a permanent ponytail.  
You went from drinking a combination of breast milk and formula to drinking only formula and frozen breast milk and didn't even bat an eye.  

I am doing really well.  I feel like I finally have a good handle on this whole mommy thing, and am trying not to think about the fact that I will be heading back to work after the new year.  About half way though this month, I made the decision to stop pumping and it proved beneficial for my sanity.  I was so unhappy and struggling emotionally- deciding to stop and then finally stopping was a surprising relief and I feel like it has made me a better mommy and better wife.  My hormones and emotions have gotten back into check and beside the struggle with pumping and the defeat in that I feel much more like my former self. Daddy seems happy to have me back, as much as I am also happy to be back.  We have a good routine, you and me, I'm not looking forward to it changing... 
Bath time!!!

Just playing and hanging out.


Really mom?! You're soooo embarrassing. 

Just chilling with my giraffe.

We love you so much Gummy Bear.  We want to give you the world, and then more.  Keep growing and exploring.

Love indefinitely,

Monday, November 4, 2013

Liam: 1 Month

1 Month Old Stats

I can hardly believe you've been in our lives for one month already. You have changed so much in a short 31 days.  You were two days old when we left the hospital, and looked so small and fragile in your car seat- it was hard to believe the hospital believed that your dad and I were fit and fully equip to take care of such a small being.  

The first few days home were rough- I was still hurting, and trying to figure out the whole feeding and caring for you thing.  The three of us got very little sleep as we tried to put you back at your birth weight and feed you.  (I need to write a separate post about our feeding journey. It's been tough.)  Mommy's ever changing hormones made things even more confusing and stressful.  But daddy being the amazing man that he is helped both of us through and we persevered onward.  Gradually things started to get better. And now they feel more routine.  

Daddy took time off work and was home for the whole month!  His first day back at work was today.  It was such a joy to watch the two of you bond, and watch my husband transform and become your daddy before my eyes.  He has fed you (just as often as mommy), changed you (more than mommy), and cared for both of us endlessly. He's been to all of your doctors appointments (three so far!) and taken you all sorts of places.

In your first month:
-You have been to Gigi and Papa's house, the pumpkin patch, the doctors, grocery store, the mall, and mommy's work.   
-You've started smiling and laughing (almost always in your sleep, but I'll take it!).
-You've gained almost a full pound! It only took you 5 days to lose half a pound and then get back up to birth weight!
-You've gone from eating mL at a time, to a full 3oz every 2-4 hours.
-You outgrew newborn size clothing at about 3 weeks and are currently wearing 0-3month and size 1 diapers.
-Your comfort spot is curled up on mommy's chest, and you love when daddy swaddles you.
-You already have more blankets than we know what to do with, and gifts keep showing up in the mail... You are one spoiled rotten little dude.
-You are not a fan of tummy time, but will tolerate it for a moment.  
-For Halloween, you were Batman and even had a cape! Mommy's coworkers loved your costume!
-You attended your first wedding, at only 16 days old.  Congratulations Tony and Agnes!-Your personality is strong and you have definite opinions-- and are not afraid to voice your displeasure.
-Your eyes are blue, currently. We will see if they start to change in the next few months...

We love you Liam.  You are mommy and daddy's world and you make us so happy.  It's hard to imagine there was a time before you in our lives. But, one request... Could you give mommy a few more hours of sleep at night- now that daddy is back at work? 

We love you so much Gummy Bear.  We want to give you the world, and then more.  

Love indefinitely,
Brand New
Headed home

First Wedding with Daddy
Daytime Cuddles
Nighttime Cuddles
Meeting Great Grandma Hazel
Pumpkin Patch


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Liam's Birth Story

He's here!

7lb. 6oz., 20 in.


I want to remember the events of the day you were born.  The day that your daddy and I, forever, became a family of three and parents.  It was an amazing, intense, and overly surreal moment.  You arrived swiftly and definitely on your own schedule.

I had been off work for a week, I just couldn't work anymore.  You were sitting low, and causing me a lot of uncomfortable pain.  Wednesday, of that week, mommy had her baby shower at work.  So many people are excited to meet you- you are the first *new* boy on campus.  It was good to see everyone.  On Thursday, mommy went to daddy's work because they were throwing a baby shower for him. It was a lot of fun, and the women daddy works with can hardly wait to meet you.  You're so spoiled and so loved by people who aren't even family.  We've been so blessed.

On Friday, your birth day, I woke up and daddy went to work like normal.  I was supposed to go see your grandma for the day, but I wasn't feeling very good- my stomach was upset (I thought it was from the OJ I had drank with breakfast).  I spent the majority of the day on the couch, sleeping.  I would feel a contraction here and there, but thought they were just Braxton-Hicks-- we learned later on they weren't.  I decided to clean a little bit, call it nesting (I think, it was in part boredom)- I cleaned the pantry and organized your room.  It kept me busy and made me happy.  

At 5:45, mommy was getting ready to sit down to dinner with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Paul, daddy was supposed to be home any minute.  I got up to use the restroom, and UH-OH! my water broke in a fury.  Not having ever felt that before I didn't know if that's what I had really felt.  I figured it out pretty quickly though with the help of "Uncle" Paul and Jenn.  When daddy walked in, I told him what had happened.  Daddy ate dinner, while I called the doctor. 

The hospital I was supposed to deliver at told me they were full and didn't have a space for me that night.  While they were busy trying to find a bed for me, at a different hospital, my labor got intense very quickly.  By 6:05, I was in the throws of contractions and pain.  Each contraction caused me to lose a little more fluid, and hurt a little bit more.  My contractions went from non-existant to lasting one minute every other minute.  It was hard and took until around 7 for Kaiser to find me a bed at the Redwood City hospital.  Daddy and I left as quickly as we could, and made the long drive to Kaiser. It was long and painful.  Once we got to the hospital and started to settle into the bed, they checked mommy and then told her the most shocking fact- I was already 10 centimeters dilated and you were at stage 1.  Meaning? In just two short hours I had gone from feeling fine to ready to help you make your debut.  Mommy pushed and pushed for 45 minutes and daddy rubbed my head and my back and offered the most supportive words of encouragement.  I begged the doctor for a do-over, asking if I could change my mind... Silly- you were already half way here.  

At 9:19p.m., there you were!  They put you on my chest and I was in complete shock, you were here! Daddy cut the cord, and we just sat there in amazement at the most amazing miracle that had just occurred.  We laid in the delivery room for about two hours while Grandmas, Grandpas, and Uncle Zeke and Aunt Sara came into visit and meet you.  

So there you have it.  Your journey into this world, it was intense and quick.  We are so happy to have you hear now!

Love you gummy bear,