Monday, November 4, 2013

Liam: 1 Month

1 Month Old Stats

I can hardly believe you've been in our lives for one month already. You have changed so much in a short 31 days.  You were two days old when we left the hospital, and looked so small and fragile in your car seat- it was hard to believe the hospital believed that your dad and I were fit and fully equip to take care of such a small being.  

The first few days home were rough- I was still hurting, and trying to figure out the whole feeding and caring for you thing.  The three of us got very little sleep as we tried to put you back at your birth weight and feed you.  (I need to write a separate post about our feeding journey. It's been tough.)  Mommy's ever changing hormones made things even more confusing and stressful.  But daddy being the amazing man that he is helped both of us through and we persevered onward.  Gradually things started to get better. And now they feel more routine.  

Daddy took time off work and was home for the whole month!  His first day back at work was today.  It was such a joy to watch the two of you bond, and watch my husband transform and become your daddy before my eyes.  He has fed you (just as often as mommy), changed you (more than mommy), and cared for both of us endlessly. He's been to all of your doctors appointments (three so far!) and taken you all sorts of places.

In your first month:
-You have been to Gigi and Papa's house, the pumpkin patch, the doctors, grocery store, the mall, and mommy's work.   
-You've started smiling and laughing (almost always in your sleep, but I'll take it!).
-You've gained almost a full pound! It only took you 5 days to lose half a pound and then get back up to birth weight!
-You've gone from eating mL at a time, to a full 3oz every 2-4 hours.
-You outgrew newborn size clothing at about 3 weeks and are currently wearing 0-3month and size 1 diapers.
-Your comfort spot is curled up on mommy's chest, and you love when daddy swaddles you.
-You already have more blankets than we know what to do with, and gifts keep showing up in the mail... You are one spoiled rotten little dude.
-You are not a fan of tummy time, but will tolerate it for a moment.  
-For Halloween, you were Batman and even had a cape! Mommy's coworkers loved your costume!
-You attended your first wedding, at only 16 days old.  Congratulations Tony and Agnes!-Your personality is strong and you have definite opinions-- and are not afraid to voice your displeasure.
-Your eyes are blue, currently. We will see if they start to change in the next few months...

We love you Liam.  You are mommy and daddy's world and you make us so happy.  It's hard to imagine there was a time before you in our lives. But, one request... Could you give mommy a few more hours of sleep at night- now that daddy is back at work? 

We love you so much Gummy Bear.  We want to give you the world, and then more.  

Love indefinitely,
Brand New
Headed home

First Wedding with Daddy
Daytime Cuddles
Nighttime Cuddles
Meeting Great Grandma Hazel
Pumpkin Patch