Saturday, January 4, 2014

Liam: 3 Months

A self measured height- no clue if it's right.


Oh sweet boy, you are three months old! Can you believe that you've been out in the world for a quarter of a year! You are getting so big and thriving so well.  You spent a lot of time with family this past month (thanks holidays!) and you survived it like a (almost always) smiling champ! 

Weight & Height:
There was no doctor's appointment this month, so I'm not sure how much you have grown in height, but you have put on a few good healthy LBs!  When mommy weighed you on the home scale you were weighing in at 14.2 pounds!  (Almost three solid pounds more than last month!) I'm happy you're putting on weight and that your little face seems to be rounding out nicely.  You've got a cute and TINY belly on you, but still continue to be long and lean.  You're still wearing size 1 diapers, although mommy ordered a box of size 2 in preparation to switch you, but you've held strong.
A thumb!
Although your doctor said you could have more to eat if you want it, you continue to be satisfied with 4 ounces at a feeding.  We have tried a couple times to up you to 5 ounces, but it always leads to spit up and clearly makes your tummy upset.  You eat every three hours (mommy's decision) and are always hungry by that time-- a few times you have gotten hungry at the 2 1/2 hour mark- so we feed you early.  You take one last bottle each night at 10pm, and then sleep (semi-peacefully) most nights until sometime between 2-4am when you wake for an additional bottle.  

You are still taking 6 formula bottles and 1 frozen BM bottle a day, and hate to be bothered during meal time.  You have the cutest way of clasping your hands under your bottle, or locking your hand around my finger while getting one finger into the lip of the bottle making it almost impossible to remove from your mouth to burp you.
Feed me Papa!

Sleeping (naps):
Naps this month have been sporadic and mostly taken while in the arms of mommy or daddy.  Thanks to the holiday craziness for all the extra cuddle sessions! Usually though you would take two long naps and two shorter naps during the day.  Most days you wake up to eat between 6/7am and then take a short nap until 730/8 when you decide you are ready for mommy to be up and entertain you.
Mmm... Blankie, toys... No thanks, I'll sleep!
Sleeping (at night): 
You are such a good little sleeper most nights.  This month has been a little rough, just because we were so far out of our routine and your comfort zone for the majority of the month.  You also caught your first cold and went through your third Leap, which made getting good amounts of sleep quite a challenge.  Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon, and will go back to your normal sleep schedule. You are still sleeping in your Rock 'n Sleeper- we are hoping to transition you to your crib for naps and sleep, hopefully in the next month.  You just have no interest in your crib yet, so we aren't fighting it.
Time to move me daddy....Zzzz
Oh my string bean! You are so long and thin.  You still fit into most of your 0-3M clothing, though some of it was getting a little tight in the length.  The biggest problem with 0-3M clothing is that the arms and legs aren't quite long enough.  You wore a few 3-6M outfits this month, but your 6M pants are just too baggy around your waist and look silly when you wear them.  You received some clothing for Christmas, half of which won't fit your for awhile yet-- Mommy and daddy appreciate the bigger sizes. Hopefully, you'll continue to fill out in that tiny belly of yours and your pants will actually fit correctly.
New toys! Mesmerized by the mini-mobile!
You are quite a social baby, and really enjoyed making faces and talking to anyone who would pay attention to you this month (which wasn't hard to come by with so much family around).  You did get overwhelmed quickly though if there were too many people around or too many people holding you in a short amount of time.  You really craved a quiet tight hold in mommy or daddy's arms and would calm down pretty quickly.  You didn't mind visiting with other people as long as you were with mommy and daddy.  You have also gotten into a demanding habit at dinner time of requiring that you sit at the table with everyone and be part of the conversation.  
First picture with Santa- you were not impressed and slept the whole time!
You're likes this month are still pretty similar.  You like spending time with mommy and daddy as long as you can see us- which means making sure you are able to sit up and and that we are looking at you.  You still like your pacifier and really enjoy your Froggy WubbaNub.  I think it's your favorite because you have learned to start grasping things- sort of.  You've also become very controlling with your pacifier and will spit it out when given to you, so that you can push it back in by yourself.  You also really like to hold onto it with your thumb.  You like chewing on your thumbs too.  Mommy and daddy bought you a new playmat this month and you LOVE it.  It's so much fun seeing you look at and try out your new toys.  You also really like getting your diaper/outfit changed.  I'm not sure why but you love having your clothes taken off and put back on.
Momma's best Xmas present!
Look Momma! I'm Santa's elf!!
Two words… Tummy Time.  You hate it- can't stand it… You are getting better at lifting your head up which makes you tolerate it for around a minute or two, but once your muscles get tired you are over it. You like to sit up though, and don't want your head held for you- so you're muscles are still getting a work out.  You also seemed to dislike and grow tired quickly of all the family and people picking you up and poking at your when you're normally content and relaxing.  
What is this football!? GO Niners!
New This Month:
You had your first Cookie Day at Gigi's, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.  It was a busy month for first holidays for you.  
On Christmas Eve, you spent your first night in a hotel (your first night away from home since we brought you home from the hospital).
You helped mommy open your first Christmas presents, though you weren't impressed. 
You finally met the last of daddy's side of the family (except for your Aunt C).
We celebrated daddy's graduation from college this month and you fully enjoyed daddy's graduation party.  
You've started to laugh- it's short, fleeting, and inconsistent at best but you've started to giggle some when your smile just gets to big.  You definitely got your Papa's smile, your eyes close to a squint when you are truly happy (like mommy and papa).
You found your thumb finally this month, and if there is no binky- there is at least one thumb in your mouth. You don't really suck on your thumb/fingers as much as you chew on them. You really like having both thumbs in your mouth at the same time.
You got your first cold (mommy shared with you and daddy), your poor little nose is so runny and you've got a little cough when you get emotional.  
Happy 2014!
I'm doing good.  We are doing good.  Although this month was full of a lot of stress- are the holidays ever not stressful?! I survived and am so happy to have you here experiencing them with us.  I caught a cold some time during the holidays and then shared it with you and daddy (Mommy fail).  Luckily it was just a little cold and no one needed to go to the doctors.  I am not looking forward to going back to work in the middle of next month, but so grateful that part of my maternity leave overlapped with holiday break- buying me two extra weeks at home with you. Overall things are good for me, I'm still adjusting to the lack of sleep and constant work to fulfill your needs- I just keep reminding myself "babies don't keep" and all to quickly this stage will be over-- so for now we enjoy our time together.  
Cuddles with Gigi > Decorating cookies
Runny nose + Drool = Stock in Kleenex
I HATE tummy time, mom!  (Can we talk about the drool for a second... Oi!)
Wait-- What? I get milk after...
Okay... I'll deal with it...
We love you so much Gummy Bear.  We want to give you the world, and then more.  Keep growing and exploring.

Love indefinitely,

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. What a small world :) You should try Mo's in Campbell. That's were were had breakfast on Sunday - it was awesome. I'd love to go back to try their lunch meals. It's right between the new Opa and Ciano's. Liam is adorable, by the way! xo Lacey