Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Big News!

So the big news is out!
Like...  Facebook Official!

Starting at the beginning...
How did you find out you were pregnant? We had been working with Kaiser's REI clinic so closely that it was hard not to assume that we had successfully gotten pregnant.  I learned, however, after months of disappointment to never count my "eggs" before they "implanted". I was supposed to go in Monday for a Pregnancy Blood Test, but I couldn't wait another 24 hours without having some idea what the results would be, so... I woke up Sunday morning and took a HPT.
What kind of Pregnancy test did you take? I think it was First Response?
How many? Only the one... I was tired of peeing in cups by that point! :p
What were your 1st symptoms? I started feeling nauseated not long after getting confirmation from the doctors. 
Who did you tell first? Sean, of course!  He was still in bed, and he suspected I had taking a HPT, but didn't want to ask. I finally woke him up enough to tell him it was positive.
Who was with you when you found out? Me. Myself. And I.
My 1st reaction: Shock.  I was definitely happy, excited, and in disbelief. I could hardly believe I was finally seeing TWO pink lines!
Was your baby planned? More than... It's hard to have an 'unplanned pregnancy' when you are working with an Infertility Clinic.
How far were you when you found out? Evidently, 4 weeks.
How did your parents/family react? We told my parents a week after we found out.  My mom was already suspicious and not entirely surprised.  The rest of my family reacted as follows: My dad: "Are you pregnant?! Shut up!" My brother: "What the hell?!" My SIL: "SHUT UP!"  They were all extremely surprised and happy.  We told Sean's parents the next day, they were equally suspicious and equally happy. 
How did you tell your friends? We told friends sporadically as we would talk to them, we didn't do some grand reveal with them, because they don't all live nearby.  Each announcement was perfect and special though.  

Gummy Bear

Due Date: October 13th, 2013
Do you know the sex? Not yet... 
Will you find out the sex? Definitely.  I can hardly wait for the NT Scan at 19 weeks, much less the full pregnancy! Thankfully, Sean wants to know as soon as possible too!  I believe it is still a surprise when you find out at the ultrasound- no reason to drag it out!
Any names? Nope.  We have a few favored names that we bounce back and forth, but no names have really stuck for a girl or a boy....
Were you trying long? We had been trying since May 2012, I was diagnosed with PCOS in September 2012 and our journey with REI began.
Any Ultrasounds? We have had THREE so far!  Each one more amazing than the last.  We had one at 6 weeks. Another at 9 weeks. And most recently at 12 weeks! (Pictures to come later...)

Have you heard the heart beat? At each ultrasound appointment they have been able to find and listen to the heartbeat.  Sean has been to two of the appointments and been able to hear it as well, most amazing feeling in the world!
Who do you think it will look like? No clue... We just hope gummy bear is cute! ;-)
Will the baby have siblings? Only the pups, Drako and Tilly, for now.  Eventually, we will have more babes...
Have you felt the baby move? I don't think so... but I don't really know what it 'should' feel like yet, so maybe?
Random Extras....
How do you feel? In a word: Tired.  I feel much better than previous weeks, and I haven't had too many migraines, but I have been just beyond, unbelievably tired- all. the. time.  I hope in the next few weeks to start getting some energy back.  Also, not being able to take my Zertec anymore has been a killer on my sinuses.  Allergy season is in full force around here lately- they're calling it one of the worst in recent times... Joy...
Do you have morning sickness? Not as badly anymore.  It was really bad during the first trimester (read: only able to keep it together at work- barely).  It seems to be improving though, I am not really getting sick anymore- just when my allergies flare up really bad.
Do you have any cravings? Oh man-- I have had a burger craving in the worst way this week. I had Wendy's on Wednesday night, and then had a burger at our Family BBQ yesterday.  Thankfully, none of my "cravings" have been too strong or required immediate attention....
Do you have any food aversions? So many aversions.  They come and go though, and vary by week.  I have decided to just ride most of them out though, and am assured that my body will tell me when I need to eat something to get any missing nutrients.
Do you have any mood swings? Not too terribly.  However, watching movies has become a dangerous gamble... I have cried (read: sobbed uncontrollably) at the end of the new Red Dawn and Les Miserable... It's pretty pitiful and embarrassing.... Ah, hormones. 
How far along are you now? 15 Weeks exactly!  Only 25 to go.... Crazy!

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