Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Five

  1. I think iPads should have a home button on the long side for when you are using it in landscape. It's awkward to have the button on the left side when I'm using my right hand.... Those people working at Apple can make a smaller version iPad, a larger iPhone, and a nifty light laptop.... But they can't give me two home buttons? (I should design for Apple- I'll submit my resume next week.) 
  2. After being with my students all week, and having a rather exhausting and draining week (more so than just the allergies and pregnancy) I fully believe our full moon last bit had magic power effects on my class. Monday? Normal. Tuesday? Mostly normal. Wednesday? Starting to lose our marbles. Thursday? Marbles completely gone. Today? Closer to normal again.... Strange!
  3.  Our child's stuffed animal collection currently is close to  rivaling my own as a child and I was a stuffed animal hoarder! How can a child who won't even be born for another 4 1/2 months have so many stuffed animals already??? Oh we'll, the child is clearly loved. :-)
  4. I saw my coworker yesterday whose been out on maternity leave, and her most amazingly adorable daughter. She must have been 5 weeks old. And oh my goodness, my heart melting factor went into overload! Put her in my pocket, I'll take her!
  5. I want to do something creative and fun this weekend! I don't want to work on work stuff or work on packing and prepping to move. That's boring stuff. I really want to work on my baby registry, but promised Sean I wouldn't until we're done moving (he calls it motivation!). 
Pizza's here! Husband's home! Time to eat! 

What's on tap for you this weekend?  Enjoy it!

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