Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 24 Wrap-Up

Wow... So these haven't exactly been weekly. (Pregnancy Fail...).  With all the craziness going on, mentioned in the last post, We have definitely slacked off on weekly pictures.  Hopefully we can get back on the bandwagon now that there is actually something to see!
Without further delay... 

Sorry about the blur!  My normal photographer wasn't around...

Weight gained: According to the doctor's appointment today, I am up 10 pounds from the end of first trimester (approximately 4-7 pounds from my starting weight).  This is exactly where my doctor wanted me to be after dropping so much weight in the first months of pregnancy.  It's a huge accomplishment, and I'm proud to have gained weight in a healthy way!
Workouts: Not really... Walking and moving as often as possible, but with the weight issue I haven't wanted to push myself too much to do additional workouts and risk burning very necessary calories.  I did try out a new prenatal workout DVD and enjoyed it. Hopefully, now that I am back on track weight wise, I can start doing my yoga/pilates dvd.  
Symptoms: Much of the normal ones... Holy Round Ligament Pain! The past two weeks or so, it has definitely made itself known.  I'm getting short on breath easier when standing for too long, or moving too quickly which is annoying.  We got a new mattress recently and it is helping with sleeping through the night- still not getting up in the middle of the night at all (*Knock on wood*).  
Movement: Holy cow! It's amazing how quickly I went from no movement to "HI MOM! I'm HERE!" It has been incredible (read: incredibly weird) to feel him in there kicking and moving up a storm.  He moves most first thing in the morning, after dinner, and whenever I try to sit down and watch TV.  Sean has felt him kick a few times now, and even seen my belly move from his little movements.  
Food Aversions: None really.  Food has come easy lately.  The tricky part has been finding what I want in the moment.  I am avoiding PB&J like the plague lately- I've tried, just can't handle it.  
Food Cravings: Nothing crazy- anything LIQUID (I get so thirsty!).  Smoothies and otter pops have been top contenders lately, but if I don't have them it's okay.  Mostly, I've just craved food in general- anything munchy or crunchy.  I haven't really craved salty or sweet lately.  ....At this exact moment though- a doughnut or two would be amazing....
Sleep: As I mentioned, so much better the past two weeks.  We got a new Simmons BeautyRest Black, and it has been God-sent.  The first night or two I wasn't too sure, but I am only waking up maybe once a night now to readjust.  I also gave up on sleeping with a body pillow at night, and am thinking that has helped too... I move too much in my sleep and it just got in the way. 
Stretch marks? Not yet.  Getting itchy though...
Miss Anything? Not really.  Maybe a good glass of wine, or trying sips of Sean's beers... I do miss a good cut of Sushi... I will be indulging in that before I get out of the hospital after delivery- you can count on that.  
Happy or moody most of the time: I'd say happy most of the time.  I find myself getting stressed and overwhelmed rather easily which has made me mildly moody, but I'm doing my best all things considered...
Belly Button in or out? In- and strangely getting deeper by the week... Wider too.  It's been kind of a weird thing to watch happen.  I feel like the deepening has started to slow down, and the widening has started to pick up pace... Maybe we will even out and I'll just go flat?
Wedding rings on or off? On, but definitely snug.  I won't last being able to wear them the whole pregnancy.... Not a chance. Hopefully, I can at least wear them until after the baby shower?
New Baby Items: Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Lots of things this week.  We have officially been putting a huge dent into our Registry lists, planning the nursery, and generally getting excited.  
Had our 24 week appointment today, and doctor said everything is measuring as it should, and I look healthy.  Happy Day.  She ordered my Glucose and Anemia Tests. Sad Day.  
we are preparing to order our crib and mattress in the next week or two which is fully exciting. Today I bought receiving blankets at Marshall's because I just couldn't resist! They are so cute, and bright and I just love!
Looking Forward To: So many things...  
We signed up for all of our Kaiser Baby Prep classes today at my appointment (ie: Breastfeeding, Newborn Care, Preparing for Childbirth, Coping with Natural Birth). We also scheduled my 28 week and 32 week appointments, and we have our Late Pregnancy Class in two weeks... So much baby stuff... Wow it's busy!
We also spent part of the past weekend, sitting down with our mom's and talking about what our "ideal" Baby Shower would look like.  We have decided to do one big one (both families, and friends) in a Co-Ed BBQ.  A little unconventional.  A little Disney.  A lot perfection.  

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