Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Five

  • It's Friday!  I'm excited because it means Sean will be home with me for the next two days!   Also, can you believe we are almost at the end of June!? When did it happen that we are half way through the year? Crazy how quickly time is flying.  It's supposed to be crazy hot here in California this weekend.  Appropriate for half way through the year- but really does it need to be almost 100* for the next four days?  That seems a bit obsessive and overkill just to say welcome July!  I heard on the news this morning that there is a chance that Death Valley could possibly reach the highest temperatures ever recorded on the planet! Say what?!

  • Hopefully, between a movie date night and family dinner this weekend, we will be able to make some progress in the nursery.  I really want to get my rain gutter book shelves (or spice rack shelves) up so that I can start unpacking this poor child's ever growing library! (He already has two large boxes full of books-- The perks of having an elementary teacher for a mom!)
  • I can't believe there are less than 4 months (16 weeks!) until our little guy gets here!  As I am adjusting to the quiet of summer, I am starting to feel this strong urge to start nesting... knowing that the coming months will be far too hectic to make much progress otherwise.  In July, we have my birthday and celebrations, two doctors appointments, a baseball game, hopefully Drako's surgery, and at least two days of summer school subbing (hopefully a couple more).  August is even worse... three baseball games, SIX doctor appointment/classes, our baby shower, and I have a week of training for work, plus the start of the school year. What happened to my quiet relaxing summer?  Oi.....
  • Earlier this week the pups had their routine Wellness Check with their vet at Banfield through Petsmart.   First off, can I just say that I am so grateful each time we take them to the vet that we chose to go with Banfield.  They are endlessly thorough and gentle with the pups and everyone there seems to love what they do, and it is more about the animals and less about profit.  (Sorry... Tangent...) Anyways, we also asked the vet to check Drako out throughly because we had noticed since moving from the apartment that he wasn't putting any pressure on one of his back legs.  We thought that maybe he had a splinter in his paw, or had gotten a small cut from the backyard, but we couldn't find anything.  Well, the vet checked him out, and turns out my poor baby has a genetic birth defect (apparently, it's very common in small dogs- especially from larger litters) and basically needs surgery to fix the problem.  It has an extremely good prognosis, but needs to be fixed before it ends up breaking on its own.  I feel so awful that my baby is in pain, and can't wait to get it fixed....

My Drako baby and his purple cow sleeping on the couch.
  • I baked cookies last night, and while they are good- they just didn't quite satisfy my baking/cooking desire.  I have searched my cookbooks, and poured over Pinterest, but just can't quite find the right thing... I am thinking with the heat about making a crockpot meal either today or tomorrow, I can't decide though, or saving it for Monday when we are all busy.  
Any suggestions on your favorite warm weather recipes?  

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