Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wow... Radio Silence... Yikes

Hi friends!

Talk about radio silence... It's been a busy last month, hence the lack of updates.  We have hardly had a chance to take my weekly baby bump photos, much less actually get on here and write posts. 
Lets see... What has changed?
1. We moved out of our old apartment and into sharing a house with my in-laws.  It's been a great alternative, and an equally wonderful opportunity for Sean and I to save money for our future home.  Moving out of the apartment, and adjusting to life sharing a home (with only two small bedrooms to ourselves) has been interesting and busy.  We are finally starting to feel unpacked and comfortable with everything.
2. I got busy wrapping up my school year.  Hard to believe my little babies from September are now big bad second graders! I will miss that class of kids terribly, but I have been given an opportunity for the coming school year that will allow me to still see them daily and interact with quite a few of them.  It was quite a quick wrap up to the school year, and the final week was more hectic and filled with activities than I could have possibly imagined.  It was the perfect send off from first grade and welcome to summer though, and all my children left happy and excited.
3. We had our 20 week anatomy/body scan ultrasound a few weeks ago, and excitedly found out that baby is measuring directly on track, if not a couple days ahead, and has a perfect looking body build.  Now to just get those cute, chubby cheeks and thighs! (More on this during this weeks bump watch-- I swear there will be one :P) It's been exciting. 
4. Sean and I have been trying to work on our baby registry and I have found as with many other women these days the most helpful place for reference besides a plethora of searches on pinterest has been the book Baby Bargains available (here). There are just so many options and decisions to make, so it's been helpful having something make it simple and clear to sort through.  

That's all for now... Back to cleaning/organizing!  I promise not to leave you all for so long again! 

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