Friday, July 26, 2013

Week 28 Wrap-Up

I can hardly believe we are two thirds of the way done!!!
Weight gained: Overall, at my Dr's appointment on Monday, I am up about 10-12 pre-pregnancy pounds! I can tell now as the belly continues to grow regularly.  
Symptoms: Nothing out of the "normal".  Heart burn, acid reflux, uncomfortable, trouble sleeping, etc... It's all part of the motions... The being uncomfortable has become much more noticeable in the past week or two-- It's harder to find a comfortable position when trying to sleep, watch TV, pick things up.... And still so much longer and bigger to go. Totally worth it though!
Movement: All the time!  He's a mover and a shaker. He is especially active when I first wake up (apparently he enrolled us in a kickboxing class at 5am, and from around 9pm to midnight).  The strangest development here has been that I can feel him rolling around now, and the other night it felt like I had my own stadium doing the wave in there.  Sean and I couldn't help but start laughing- it was such a strange feeling (inside and out!).
Food Aversions:  Nothing really.  It's been pretty consistent that in the moment something may not sound good, or taste right and I will be turned out-- but give it a few hours and I'll probably be willing to eat it again.  It's been pretty consistent though- anything with a soft/mush texture (eggs, avocado, yogurt, etc.)
Food Cravings:  Hmmm... This is another tricky one, because again- I might crave it for an hour, but if I don't get it my world doesn't collapse or anything.  :)  I can continued to take any opportunity/excuse to go to Jamba Juice and get a fruit smoothie.  Last week, Sean and I went to a Food Truck Fest for dinner and I thought I wanted one thing, but ended up craving and eating Chicken Wings that were delicious.  I've craved cheese, chips, cherries, and plums.  On Saturday, I was craving nothing but breakfast foods, so my mom made me some delicious french toast and fruit for dinner.  I currently have a hankering for a bowl of frozen yogurt with Captain Crunch on top....  Why isn't there a fro-yo place close by?!
Sleep:  Oh sleep... That old majestic friend that continues to allude me these days... As mentioned earlier his most active times are times when this mama just wants to get comfy and get some shut eye.  It's alright though, I really enjoy feeling him kick, punch, wriggle, and roll.  His movements don't bother my sleep as much as just my own general discomfort.  I keep hoping as the belly grows, I will be more tired so sleep will come easier-- but it doesn't seem to be the case.  Ah well, good training for those first months when you don't sleep normal anyways.  
Exercise: I have taken Tilly-dog for a few walks over the last week for around a mile or so.  Starting next week, Drako will start the walking portion of his rehabilitation, so we will be doing hill walking everyday. 
Stretch marks?  None yet.  Let's keep that up stretchy skin!
Miss Anything?  Same old song and dance... SUSHI and comfy sleep!  I also miss having a drink on weekend evenings- especially now that we have an outdoor space.  A glass of wine, or an ice cold hard cider would be amazing.... eventually...
Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy!  I think I'm ready to start heading back to work though, I'm bored and feel generally unproductive most days (ie: can't work on fun baby stuff until after my shower).  
Belly Button in or out?  In, but quickly getting shallow and wide... I give it 4-6 more weeks before it is completely flat! 
Wedding rings on or off?  So.... Funny tangent story... my wedding band sits inside of my engagement ring, and should have been sautered together long ago to make one ring, buuuut I'm lazy and enjoy having two rings instead of one.  Well currently, I can't wear them the correct way... So, I am only wearing my engagement ring again and wearing the wedding band around my neck.  I really should get them resized after this pregnancy...
New Baby Items: So many things!  We have bought a couple more outfits- because I just can't pass up an outfit that is cheap and terribly cute.  We have our crib and mattress (Thanks to my in-laws!) and our car seat (Thanks to my parents!) We also bought these bedsheets for the crib and I love that they have bold colors and aren't too "baby".  I also bought some new maternity clothes, and am especially excited for the shirts I ordered from Cafepress, and will be modeling them as soon as I get them!
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  Hmm... I passed my Glucose Test! Yay! No gestational diabetes! Eat all the carbs!!!! I didn't pass my anemia test though, so now I'm taking iron supplements.  Feeling the little one move has definitely been the best part.  
Looking Forward To:  My baby shower in a few weeks.  Wrapping up summer and getting back into work mode before I go out on maternity leave.  Working on the nursery.  So many things! 

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