Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Six

  1. My parents and students are amazing. It was a great Teacher Appreciation week. And I felt so loved and cared for by my parents and students.  I got about 17 bouquets of flowers over the course of the week, an amazing, personalized, white vase, a personalized reuse able water bottle, and gift cards.  I can't believe I only have 4 more weeks with these cutie pies. 
  2. We moved a good chunk of boxes out of the apartment today. It's both exciting and bittersweet to know our time here is wrapping up so quickly... There's a lot of memories here, but there will be even more, even better, and life changing memories where we're headed. I can't wait to live out new, positive memories.
  3. So far it's been a great movie weekend on the couch for the hubs and me.  We watched This is 40, last night. It was depressing, realistic, and amazing all in one.  Tonight, Silver Lining Playbook, amazing and sappy all in one. I for one haven't read the book yet because I'm behind on my reading, and I'm lazy :-P  But both movies were very good and perfect in their own right. 
  4. We left the puppies at the new place this afternoon, in between trips, I think they are really going to enjoy having a big yard that they can run around in all day. We got home around 530, and they both immediately expressed their pleasure and exhaustion by promptly falling asleep on us. They spent most of the evening curled up in various places in the growing empty space. It was nice to see they will be comfortable and happy. 
  5. It was so warm today! I wish we hadn't been so busy. I would have loved to spend a few minutes by the pool just relaxing and dipping my feet in. I definitely did not take advantage of the pool and gym enough while we lived here. Eh, such is life. We get busy, we move on. I am looking forward to spending some time over the summer doing my exercise DVDs. It will be nice to be able to exercise, without being worried about disturbing the family that lives below us.
  6. I am looking forward to seeing my side of our family tomorrow for Mother's Day. We haven't seen anyone but my mom in over a month... Kinda crazy. We're having a small dinner thing, hopefully with my grandma too! I love Sunday family dinners. Doesn't matter which side of the family we are dining with, as long as their is family, food, laughter, and embarrassment- and maybe even some pictures. 
Question: What is your favorite routine/tradition  each weekend?

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